Sep 30, 2008

Glutenous Rice Balls and Rando Pumpkin Dessert Soup

Hairy had been thinking about making this hot dessert soup made with pumpkin from his Thai cookbook. We had some plain, canned pumpkin left over from Bibi (it helps dogs get over the squirts!), so he mixed the canned pumpkin with coconut milk, condensed milk, and bananas, stirring over a hot stove.

I was a bit skeptical because I am not a huge fan of pumpkin...

...but it ended up tasting ok. It was really thick, and REALLY SWEET, and had the consistency of the contents of a baby's diaper.

He also wanted me to make what my brother and I called "crispy gooeys." They are balls of glutenous rice flour, fried up. The insides are hot and gooey and the outside is super crispy, kind of like a McDonald's french fry... except ... not. Usually I will make them and them dip them in sugar, because otherwise, they are pretty bland.

You just throw some glutenous rice flour in a bowl, like a cup and a half, and then add water and mix until you have a dough you can roll out into little balls.

(That's not my picture.) Then after rolling some rice ballz, warm up a pot of oil to about medium heat and drop your ballz in. Keep a plate next to you with paper towels or napkins on it to soak up the oil when you take your fried oily ballz out of the heat.

Anyway, in the pot, they will start to sizzle and bubble a little bit, and sometimes they even SING and WHISTLE. Be careful, they also swell and pop open like popcorn, but this is good, because it exposes more of the insides to the hot oil so that it can cook more.

Usually this popping is not an issue, but tonight, it was...EXPLOSIVE. It resulted in lots of screaming, burning, making of messes, and early shut downs of pots of boiling oil. I was wounded on the chesticle and Hairy got hit on the finger. I think my shirt is ruined. We'll see.

Careful with oil, kids! I have no idea what went wrong this time, but it was a full out fried ball debacle. Maybe I had the heat on too high. Forensics will bring up further data... Hairy has to take his point-n-shoot into the shop tomorrow because he can't get the vegetable oil off the camera lens. And while I am sure the vaseline-haze on the camera would make for more flattering, flawless portraiture, perhaps I am not quite at my Erica Kane phase yet. (Does anyone ever know what I'm going on about?? I think I'm showing my age with my previous statement about showing my age.) ((I'm SO COMPLEX!!! JEEZ!!!)

But anyway, in conclusion, tonight we dipped our hot balls into some sweet ass pudding, broski, and it was TOIGHT.

(Below is the recorded video evidence of my retardation. This is why I am not allowed in the kitchen. I destroy precious electronic equipment, favorite articles of clothing, and I put innocent lives at risk. I'm sorry it's kind of long - two whole minutes and THEN some - but these are the events as they happened. If you can't hear what I say at the very end, it's something like "I'm DONE!!!!!")



    Will you relocate? ^^

    Yummy yummy, those rice balls look so cute, puffy and nice!

  2. Uber is back?! Ugh. I don't know! Hmmmmmmm. I think more people ended up reading it here :P

  3. The vaseline effect is great on the Holga, but on the tired old Sony it will make all of our anti-art photos look too arty. (I took one of the living room right after and admittedly it was a little cool.) What will people think of our Pier 39 and Alcatraz photos?

  4. hehe, you're reallly funny! ^^ I'm following!

  5. This post was like playing Cooking Mama!!!

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