Nov 25, 2008

What I Brought to Work Today

eating at work

I've been down at the office earlier than usual, and I clearly kind of panic over what to bring to eat.


Activia Yogurt: Seems kind of runny and thin.
Nature Valley Oats n Honey granola bar: One of my fav bar-shaped foods!
Fuji Apple: from our order
Ferrero Rocher: Fine Hazelnut chocolates from Hairy! I told him during a commercial that I was into horrible holiday chocolates, e.g. ALMOND ROCA!!!!!!!!!!

But now it's freezing in the office and I seem to be craving hot, oily, bad pizza a la Domino's.


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  1. so how many of those chocolates did you eat? When I take candy to the office I am unstoppable! None survive!

  2. I have actually been really good with these things! I'll only eat one or two in a sitting.

    Cheese on the other hand.......cheese deserves no mercy.