Dec 18, 2008

Pretzel Time

Pretzel Time
Originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN
Me: OOOOH Let's get Easy Cheese!

Manda: We got that once a long time ago!

Me: WE DID?!??!! (can't remember)

Manda: YES!! And you LIKED IT!!!!!

Me: (excited)

P.S. Click on the video if you need it a bit bigger. It's kinda tiny here.


  1. hahahahah! best video yet!

  2. i love that its the jack black version of the song!

  3. hey twinkie, love these vids. Hilarious.
    Anywho: was wondering what kind of webcam you have; if it's built into a laptop or not. Also what program do you use to edit/add music to the videos. Thanx!!

  4. hi cherri blossom!
    my webcam is built into my macbook pro :)
    and i just edit using the software that came with the computer: iMovie!