Feb 9, 2009

Soy Drink with Walnut & Peanut

So, Hairy just went grocery shopping at the Korean grocery store.

I have been on a journey through all the different non-dairy milk beverages. I found an almond milk I enjoyed immensely, but now we can't seem to remember exactly what it was, and all other almond milks taste like poo. One time we tried a brown rice milk that tasted like dirt. Currently I am in love with OAT MILK. It's like soy milk without the soy...and the Original flavor is not too sweet.

Here I am sampling a Maeil brand Soy Drink with Walnut & Peanut (the other side of the box is in Korean, I think).

This next photo is actually the first sip I took.

It is shockingly PEANUT-TASTIC!!!!

I have nothing against peanuts, but, it's a little weird to be drinking liquid peanut, don'tcha think?

P.S. Sorry I have been SO remiss in journaling my yucky food adventures. Don't worry. I'm back in the saddle of gnar gnar and will be bringing you up to date with the horrors of my snack cabinet.