Sep 28, 2010

Funky Seaweed Salad

So Hairy and I checked out this place down the street from our house called KINGDOM OF DUMPLINGS. It kind of looked like a crap-hole, and I was scared, but the food was good! Dumplings = A++!!

We also ordered some marinated seaweed salad. I have kind of an expectation of what seaweed salad looks like from eating at Japanese restaurants, but this salad was different. This salad... looked like a big ol' pile of TAPEWORMS.

I was little hesitant. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!

It was a bit thicker and more plastic-y than the Japanese seaweed salad, but it had a nice garlic-y sesame oil-y flavor. Its bulk made it feel like a real manly vegetable to eat.

Kingdom of Dumplings: I will eat your green tapeworm salad any time.


  1. You actually make it sound pretty tasty!

  2. I think it's really good!! Hehhe, but I get how it might look really untasty to some.

  3. oh, i luv that, too!!
    it looks & IS really healthy for you,
    in addition to being sooo tasty!


  4. Wow!

    And I thought your culinary daring was limited to wacky scarfs and gloves! Cleary I was proved wrong!

    Im a virgin to this blogging thing!
    Im happy that you're having a giveaway because it shows that you care for your fans!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yasmine