Sep 28, 2008

1st post using Blogger/Blogspot: MINI MEAT CUPCAKES!!!

I am going to miss! Wah! I was very sad to have to move my site somewhere else. It will never be the same! Ah well. Now I am at blogger/blogspot. So that I don't feel overwhelmed by moving all the old stuff here at once, I will probably make a habit of loading one new entry and one old entry so I don't go insane.

I think this first entry at is a doozy! Fancy photos, crappy photobooth photo, and horrid experimental film! NOICE!!!

For Guapo's birthday, Hairy & I decided to bake mini meat cupcakes, i.e. little morsels that LOOK like cupcakes, but are actually little meatballs frosted with mashed potatoes. I think they turned out really cute!!

We used Tony Danza's (haha!) recipe for meatballs, and I also added an extra clove of garlic and extra parmesan cheese. Hairy took over for a little bit and added some other shizz like oregano and garlic powder or whatnot.

We used instant mashed potatoes that actually turned out super yummy and buttery! And added a little bit of red food coloring for the pink color. I cut off the pointy bottoms of some grape tomatoes to use for cherries, and sprinkled the cupcakes off with chopped chives.

Super cute, and super yummy! Maybe slightly yucky for those expecting to eat something sweet, or those who hate meatballs...but I would totes make these again and maybe next time not tell anyone they are MEATALICIOUS.

(On a side note, Hairy took a video clip while I was frosting the meatballs. Mostly I thought it would be funny to see how my dress matched the mashed potato pink, but the video came out pretty dark. Here's a Photobooth pic instead:

Then I started messing with it, and the video of me piping potatoes onto some meatballs turned into this "creepy" video. Enjoy! If you can make it to the end, I think it does actually look a bit creepy...)


  1. o, I love your blog so much!
    It's just so... yucky!

    X Sabine

  2. hee hee, thanks for the yucky stamp of approval, sabine!

  3. lmao that IS creepy cool! and i love savory sweet looking treats...tess & i were eating a mango cake the other day..and i sat there wishing we also had a savory cake on ham & cheese cake of some sorts...she gave me a weird face. =T

    nehoo do u have a mac? what program did u use to make your creepy awesome vdo?!

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  5. She's not allowed to make a weird face. She wants to make vienna sausage casserole :P

    I used an older version of iMovie for the Mac that I just downloaded. The version that came with my mackbook pro is newer and doesn't let you slow down or speed up the video clips! WEAK!! So I went and downloaded iMovieHD, which does have ability to slow down, speed up, and reverse movie clips. Both versions have different functions. I haven't experimented yet with importing a file from one to the other. Not sure if it works!



    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    For the past few days,
    everytime I have a piece of cheese
    I think of you...

    You mentioned you told Harry (Henry?) that you no longer want cheese in your place 'cause of it's fatty effects. ;) lol

  7. Hi Hi!!

    Yes! True about the cheese :) . Altho there is cheese here now....some that someone brought for our brunch, and fat free american cheese slices to wrap our dog's pills in, yuck! :)

  8. I just read this article last night in Time Out Chicago. It appears that you are on the culinary cutting edge!

  9. OH wow! I wish I could have tried those when I was in Chicago!

    Ours were totally no cupcakey or muffiny at all, tho. Just straight up MEAT yo!

  10. Hi! Great post - Tony Danza's got some good stuff!

    Also, I saw your Twitter update about SayTweet not working. There's a new feature which makes your badge into an auto-updating picture! Your SayTweet badge was pretty cool, check out the link here:

    Looking forward to more from your blog :)


  11. Hey David!

    Hm, I guess I said it wasn't working because I tried to add it to my MySpace page and no image appeared! Maybe I was just too impatient.

    Also with smaller images, getting that "speech bubble" in the right place is enough to make ya craz!

  12. I love those cupcakes. Its funny to think that if i didnt think the birthday boy lived far, and I didnt have other plans that day, I would have been able to taste your meatcakes. A warning in advance, that I may pull something out like this for a party...its just too cute.

  13. oh yes, do up the meat cakes!!! take pictures!! partake of the wonder!!!

  14. followed your link on lj pinkhair, and i'm so glad i did.

    i'm super excited for more posts on here!


  15. I do love the video. Welcome to Blogger!