Oct 26, 2008

Emu Jerky

Some more bootie from my bro and Jaci's honeymoon in Australia.


Tonight, Hairy and I sampled the Emu jerky. Let me tell you, there's nothing worse than jonesing for emu at 3 a.m. Or blogging about it at 5.am....

If you didn't tell me it was emu, I would have no idea I was eating something bizarre. I mostly noted the overwhelming taste of teriyaki. Not so exciting, until you look at the label and realize you are eating a cute little fluffy emu's dried flesh. Hairy kept dipping his hand back in the bag, so clearly, it can't be that yucky.

Here's the video of us chowing down for the first time. Note, that I say EMO instead of EMU!!!!!! (And I kept doing it after I turned off Photobooth.) Sorry, I'm foreign, and we don't have the sound "u" where I come from. Either that, or I have a secret past in which I listened to a lot of Juliana Theory and Jeremy Enigk. (Okay, not so secret anymore. Run away!!!!.......)


  1. Glad someone is getting some mileage out of the jerky! When we bought it, the sales clerk had to verify that we weren't traveling to Canada...where it's illegal to import kangaroo and emu meat!

  2. Good thing we aren't Canadian!!!! But seriously, kangaroos taste kinda yucky!

  3. lol That was hilarious. I laughed when harry was all.. "Poor little Emu... POOR EMU!"

  4. He felt very bad for the cute little emu, altho someone else told me they were really mean!