Oct 28, 2008

Mysterious Ice Cream Cracker/Cookie

Sorry the pic is backward....(blame PhotoBooth).

Anyhoodles, Hairy was out buying stuffs for pasta dinner tonight, and I got the snackattacks.

We bought this box of mystery cookie/crackers from the Japanese grocery store a little while ago, but I never bothered to try them, until now.

Call me insane, but I'd prefer to eat Emu Jerky than these sugar bombs! www.IDontWannEatCuteStuff.com! The cone is nice and crunchy, but the "ice cream" part is kind of soft and crumbly. I'll stick with real ice cream, thanks.

All the blowing motions are due to that stupid ice cream cookie/cracker throwing up all kinds of crumbs on my keyboard!

(P.S. I downloaded that song b/c Hairy has a lot of hate for it. I think it's funny!)


  1. chocolate centers are always a fun surprise! well... in most instances.

  2. HAHAHAA it was still a fun surprise in this instance :) :)