Nov 21, 2008

The McGriddle

mcgriddle, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Yes, it's official.

At long last, I lost my McGriddle Virginity. I broke the McGriddle Barrier. I was really afraid of the McGriddle for a long time. Pancakes...syrups.....and MEAT!?! It was too much for my brain to handle (I know I just mixed donuts with spinach in my last post....but still). My brother had long hailed the deliciousness of the McGriddle, but then it seemed like one of those nasty things that only boys like.

So when Manda called me, about to come over, asking if I wanted McDonald's for breakfast, I could not deny her. And I took this opportunity to be brave. To take THAT leap.

I was surprised that the pancakes that sandwiched the bacon (I got bacon, I think, instead of sausage...sausage sometimes gives me the doodoos) were so THICK. Small and thick. Biscuity pancakes. And they were definitely syrupy sweet, playing grease-tag with the salty bacony goodness. When you eat the McGriddle, you don't even know there are eggs present. This is about cake and meat, my friends.

Would I order it again? Meh. I don't know. It wasn't BAD.

But my all-time favorite fast food breakfast is still the Crescent Supreme Meal at Jack in the Box. NUM.


  1. i am now going to google it, because i never hear of mcgriddle. and a pancakeburger sounds kind of cool.

  2. I effin' love McGriddles. I have even ordered a couple meatless ones since going veg. I can't help it. I am even in a McGriddle fanfic community on LJ:(

  3. Just the sound of the word McGriddle turns me off.

  4. d00d JITB breffast is so gooooddddddd. so good. except when you get in a strange habit at eating it all 24hrs of day or night (after bar, before work, whatevs) and gain 500lbs like I did... aw shit.

  5. I still have not been brave enough to eat one! All my friends rave about it though! Hats off to you :)

  6. I don't think I've been getting notifications from blogger, so I had no idea there were comments here!!!!

    I can't believe there's a McGriddle FanFic community!!!!! I'm curious but afraid.

    DDoll: Hairy used to have a rule about no fast food except on road trips. Of course we break this rule regularly, but we reeeeally try to avoid it. However, when it comes to me and my girlfriends, we are simply sinful when it comes to junk!