Nov 6, 2008

Pate' and Potato Chips

Ok, so I know you have all dealt with this common conundrum.

You're like, "Damn, my boyfriend just bought me some wicked pate'! And I wanna eat it right now!"

And then the bad news is, "Shoooot! I don't have any crackers to spread this luscious liver upon!"

So you dig around in your cupboards, and all you have is potato chips.


I know this post will help many of you out there solve your pate' problems.

(And yes, the chip looks red underneath because they are weird all-natural red potato chips from Trader Joe's.)


  1. i love, love, LOVE the toast scarf! cold toast with earth balance is my favorite food! oh, you need to make another toast scarf so i can have it all to myself...

  2. What a great substitution for crackers :) Now I will never have one of those "What do I put my liver pate on" moment. Thanks Twinkie Chan!