Dec 15, 2008

"Food that looks like other food" Sunday brunch pot luck!

Brunch 2

On Sunday, Hairy and I had a bunch of peeps over for a holiday gift exchange and "food that looks like other food potluck."

I expanded on my meat cupcakes and made a full-on layered meatloaf cake with mashed potatoes! I decorated with little tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese.

Brunch 2a

Hairy made a pepperoni pizza, that was actually puff pastry, with raspeberry sauce and white icing, and he made the little pepperonis out of white chocolate and red food coloring.

Brunch 5

I also wanted to make bacon and eggs sugar cookies, but we kinda ran out of time to make dough from scratch, so Hairy picked up some Pillsbury dough which sort of squished out during the baking process, but you get the idea and they were still tasty!

Brunch 4

Esther and Oliver came with hamburger cookies!!! Check out the hand-cut christmas trees AND stars of david!

Brunch 3

And Guapo made nachos!!!! He started by baking flour tortillas with cinamon and sugar, and then topping the chips with candied cherries, mini chocolate chips, grated fresh mango, and condensed milk. So crazy!

Brunch 6

As for the outcome of the white elephant gift exchange.....I got some delicious retro-looking pepermint ribbon candy, and also PARTINI!!! We can be just like the cool kids in the commercial!



  1. hahaha. i love it. where did you come up with the idea?

  2. i can't remember how it all came about. we really want to do a futuristic space food brunch, but that sounded really hard without much research!

  3. Love the food-that-looks-like-other-food! I'm a sucker for things shaped like..pretty much anything. Those happy face french fries? Or things shaped like dinosaurs? LOVE.

    And that commercial is a bit insane. "Oops-tini" ?? Who wrote that jingle??

  4. that commercial makes me want to barf-tini, for some reason. maybe cuz they don't seem to be taking the game seriously. love your tricky visual-vs.-taste foods!


  5. You are brilliant! And so are your peeps. What a wonderful idea for a dinner party. Bet it was fun.

  6. oh my goodness. that is all too confusing. you eat pizza and you get a fruity taste and you eat cake and it tastes like potatoes. I couldn't do it lol