Jan 7, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Seaweed

Snacky Snacky
Originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN
Sometimes you just need salty and sweet at the same time....and sometimes you need to IMPROVISE!!!!

Check out a mouthful of Carnation hot cocoa and SEAWEED!!!!!! Cruncha muncha!

N.B.: Korean snacking seaweed has really great, toasty flavor, and is light and delicate (but a little oily). I prefer the flavor over the Japanese snacking seaweed. We tried to make sushi with Korean seaweed once and it just fell apart because it was so thin. SADZ!!!


  1. i'm a big fan of korean seaweed. so yummmmy! i remember taking packages of jap seaweed to school in elementary and having people go "ewww" when sushi wasn't so popular yet. :(

  2. I think if a kid took seaweed to school today, the other kids will still go EWW! :P

  3. That mug!! It's from target and it's what I want for valentine's day;-) (whenever we pass it I say to Toby "see this awesome mug? It'd be a fabulous and affordable gift!" ;-)

  4. i loove the korean seaweed over the japanese one. it's got so much more flavor and i enjoy the lighter texture over the latter!