Nov 1, 2008

Porter Cheese (it's really brown!)

This photo was originally uploaded by podchef on Flickr.

Normally, I place a ban on cheese in my house, because we LOVE cheese here, and we don't want to be supercheesefatties. However, there are two exceptions to this: American singles to wrap the dogs' pills in, and gourmet cheese upon occasion.

This is an Irish porter cheese. It's super dark, chocolatey-looking cheddar that gets its brown marbling from a dark ale. I don't like beer, but I do like me some beer-cheese apparently.

About 49% of me thinks that it's weird for cheese to be this color, but then 51% of me ate it anyway. I'm hoping this means that I will only absorb 51% of the fat.


  1. My husband is a real cheese guy and I bet he has never even heard of that cheese. It's pretty cool looking.

  2. Um, I almost put all of that cheese into the soup I made the other night. None of it made it in. I think I saved us from beer cheese overkill. But, fear not I will be making a Beer-Cheese soup shortly.

  3. I almost bought that cheese today!
    Was it delish?

  4. I think it's really weird that I haven't been getting email notifications of comments here!!!

    Jackie: You should get it!! It's not so crazy that it's gross. He shoudl love it.

    Nerd: Beer Cheese soup sounds like a fatty feast.

    Capricia: Buy it ! Try it!!! I recommend it for snacking over the weird ass Sechon de Pays we got last time.