Dec 26, 2008

Heinz Spaghetti

Heinz Spaghetti, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Who in their right mind comes home from Xmas dinner and opens up a can of Heinz Spaghetti?!?!?!

That would be NOBODY. Because only a very insane person would do such a thing!!!

My excuse is temporary insanity and PTSD upon hearing that we didn't bring home any of my mom's stuffing to snack on, so then I ended up going to our Cupboards of Yuck.

This was the first time I've tasted Heinz Spaghetti, and, I thought I'd never say this:

I'd rather eat spaghettios.

Dec 18, 2008

Pretzel Time

Pretzel Time
Originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN
Me: OOOOH Let's get Easy Cheese!

Manda: We got that once a long time ago!

Me: WE DID?!??!! (can't remember)

Manda: YES!! And you LIKED IT!!!!!

Me: (excited)

P.S. Click on the video if you need it a bit bigger. It's kinda tiny here.

Dec 15, 2008

"Food that looks like other food" Sunday brunch pot luck!

Brunch 2

On Sunday, Hairy and I had a bunch of peeps over for a holiday gift exchange and "food that looks like other food potluck."

I expanded on my meat cupcakes and made a full-on layered meatloaf cake with mashed potatoes! I decorated with little tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese.

Brunch 2a

Hairy made a pepperoni pizza, that was actually puff pastry, with raspeberry sauce and white icing, and he made the little pepperonis out of white chocolate and red food coloring.

Brunch 5

I also wanted to make bacon and eggs sugar cookies, but we kinda ran out of time to make dough from scratch, so Hairy picked up some Pillsbury dough which sort of squished out during the baking process, but you get the idea and they were still tasty!

Brunch 4

Esther and Oliver came with hamburger cookies!!! Check out the hand-cut christmas trees AND stars of david!

Brunch 3

And Guapo made nachos!!!! He started by baking flour tortillas with cinamon and sugar, and then topping the chips with candied cherries, mini chocolate chips, grated fresh mango, and condensed milk. So crazy!

Brunch 6

As for the outcome of the white elephant gift exchange.....I got some delicious retro-looking pepermint ribbon candy, and also PARTINI!!! We can be just like the cool kids in the commercial!


Dec 3, 2008


Originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN
This video is pretty much self-explanatory, but one of my typical munchy faux pas is that I don't like to cut off servings of food (like cheese). I just like to eat bites off the giant thing (like PIE!!!!) and hope that nobody notices or minds......

I freakin love pie crust. My favorite pie would be the kind that you'd throw in somebody's face i.e. 100% pure whipped cream on a crust!

Dec 1, 2008

Batter Blaster - Pancake Batter "spray"

Batter Blaster, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

While we were at WholeFoods, Hairy randomly picked up some of this pancake batter in a can. He ended up making waffles for dinner on Sunday night.

Here's the Batter Blaster in action!

As it turns out, the waffles end up being a little bit....chewy. But what this junk lacks in texture, it makes up for in style!

Pretty much any food you can squirt out of a nozzle is a winner, don'tcha think?