Sep 30, 2010

Wanna buy a monkey!?

Okay, not a monkey...but an I Eat Yucky Stuff button?

I designed two for you, and you can buy them HERE!!!

Do it! It's fun! :)

I also made a nifty button for it on the side bar --->

Sep 28, 2010

Funky Seaweed Salad

So Hairy and I checked out this place down the street from our house called KINGDOM OF DUMPLINGS. It kind of looked like a crap-hole, and I was scared, but the food was good! Dumplings = A++!!

We also ordered some marinated seaweed salad. I have kind of an expectation of what seaweed salad looks like from eating at Japanese restaurants, but this salad was different. This salad... looked like a big ol' pile of TAPEWORMS.

I was little hesitant. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!

It was a bit thicker and more plastic-y than the Japanese seaweed salad, but it had a nice garlic-y sesame oil-y flavor. Its bulk made it feel like a real manly vegetable to eat.

Kingdom of Dumplings: I will eat your green tapeworm salad any time.

Jun 24, 2010


EDIT!! This giveaway is closed!!!!! We have a winner :). Thanks for participating!!! Feel free to just be grossed out in peace now.

Okay, folks. I was inspired by something I ate recently to have a "guess that yucky thing" post. I believe this yucky thing looks even YUCKIER in this photo than it did in real life!! Proud of my nasty phone cam skillz!

The first person to correctly Guess the Yucky Thing will win a very small, token, mystery package from me, including non-yucky items like delightful candies and biscuits and perhaps a commemorative "I eat yucky stuff" button.

The only hints I will give you: my mom made me eat it, and she said, "It's good for your skin and your hormones." !!! That could be a lot of things in the world of Chinese cooking, but there's your only hint. Okay, one more hint. What looks to me like a limb/arm/hand... is not.

Also, I would say that people in my family are disqualified from the giveaway. They probably just ate this, too.

Next post: my dad emails me, tells me I was a fat baby, makes a suggestion for a Yucky Stuff entry, and buys the item for me as well!

Apr 26, 2010


I think this belongs in the "yucky" category, cuz generally, food that is touted as "low in fiber," "low in fat," "100 calories only," etc etc generally is not super tasty.

Find out if VitaTops make the cut!