Mar 12, 2009

Nougat & Superfood

Yin and Yang?

So if you really want to eat a nougat with pistachios for lunch......... can you balance that out by drinking some Odwalla Superfood?

Mar 5, 2009

Oyster Stew

I know I don't keep up this blog as much as I used to. Frankly, I just don't eat interesting food EVERY single day. Sometimes you just wanna eat toast and have a cup of tea, ya know?

Sometimes I think I should kill this site, and just post yucky food blogs at I'm not sure. If you have any thoughts about this, I'm all ears! And then I'll think about how much I love the IDEA of this site, and how I NEED a logo that represents a can opener and a spoon, the official tools of a Yucky Stuff AdventureEater.

At any rate, I've had this little gem in my cupboards for some time. I bring you: Oyster Stew.

(Sorry about the really scary preview pic down there. I don't know that you can control that on Flickr!!!)