Nov 8, 2009

Blast from the Past, Weenie-Style!

So, some of you may know that I used to host this blog at the now defunct, and I had always planned to transfer all of the old entries over to here ( but, I was always too lazy!!

Since I have been really bad at eating yuckystuff regularly these days, I thought I would bring back an old favorite. Some of my new readers may not have seen some of the old stuff before.

The picture coming up is from the time I tried to cram an entire can of Vienna Sausage into my mouth at once. I can't remember if I was successful or not! I think I also lost some followers, and maybe even friends, at this point. It pretty much makes vegans/vegetarians want to die. It probably makes omnivores want to die, too. I didn't end up eating the sausages, I'll tell ya that. I think I ate one, and it was REALLY SQUISHY. Like, it was already half-digested. I do have my limits. I do. I like to digest my own food. Call me crazy.

Vienna Sausage