Feb 15, 2009

37 C Dessert cafe on Valentine's Day!!!

I ask that you check out my regular blog, www.twinkiechan.com/blog for my Valentine's Day entry, wherein Hairy drinks Salty Lemon 7Up and eats ramen with bacon-wrapped hot dogs on top.

Feb 13, 2009

Green Tea Porridge

So, there's this yummy little rice dish at Sushi Sam's that we like to get that somehow involves tea and either a little bit of salmon or unagi. A little while ago, Hairy and I were walking the aisles at our local Korean grocery store, and I stumbled upon this box that reminded me of that dish at Sam's. It seemed a bit disturbing in a box, but we took it home for snackventures.

The REALLY disturbing part to me is that the porridge is just sitting on a shelf, all liquidy and gooey and ready to go. I know there are canned soups and other moist and squishy things that have a shelf-life, but this was my first experience with boxed mushy rice. It kind of goes against all your own beliefs in never leaving your food out or it will rot. I know it's sealed, but, really, what a puny seal to keep your rice from going green.

I did enjoy sprinkling on the seaweed and green tea packet. I think there are little toasted rice nubs in there as well. TASTY!

Then you give her a little stir and stick her in the micro for about 2 minutes and PRESTO!!! Your strange midnight snack is complete!

Considering its appearance, it didn't taste horrid at all, and I asked Hairy to buy another box... haha. If you don't have texture problems with porridge (I sure don't...I grew up on this stuff for breakfy), I give CJ Green Tea Porridge two thumbs up!

Feb 9, 2009

Soy Drink with Walnut & Peanut

So, Hairy just went grocery shopping at the Korean grocery store.

I have been on a journey through all the different non-dairy milk beverages. I found an almond milk I enjoyed immensely, but now we can't seem to remember exactly what it was, and all other almond milks taste like poo. One time we tried a brown rice milk that tasted like dirt. Currently I am in love with OAT MILK. It's like soy milk without the soy...and the Original flavor is not too sweet.

Here I am sampling a Maeil brand Soy Drink with Walnut & Peanut (the other side of the box is in Korean, I think).

This next photo is actually the first sip I took.

It is shockingly PEANUT-TASTIC!!!!

I have nothing against peanuts, but, it's a little weird to be drinking liquid peanut, don'tcha think?

P.S. Sorry I have been SO remiss in journaling my yucky food adventures. Don't worry. I'm back in the saddle of gnar gnar and will be bringing you up to date with the horrors of my snack cabinet.