Jan 18, 2009

Mushroom Pate

Mushroom Pate, originally uploaded by TWiNKiE CHAN.

Soooo, tonight we are making our own wontons, but my snacky-organz got antsy while Hairy was at the store, so I busted out some of our booty from a trip to Cost Plus:


I have never had this before. It was a fungus-fueled adventure.

I left the sound as-is (no editing or music) because some of the crunchy noises are fun in the end. Plus you can hear me watching Nat'l Geographic in the background!

(I'm a little sad that Photobucket is warping my preview image on videos. Oh well! Sorry for the Zoolander mouth!)

Ultimately, it tastes and smells like slightly-more-seasoned Cream of Mushroom Soup. Not bad. Not great!


  1. wtfff, this thing ate my comment D: one more time...

    ooh, that looks like something i'd like to try!! :9 hahah and that is so something I would do with eating the giant hunk of bread upon failed attempts to break it apart :D one time, I ate straight off a giant hunk of cheese (like 4-5 inches wide) because it was too hard to even CUT. hahah (that's what I get for just shoving it in the fridge without putting it in a bag. haha but on the bright side, it still tasted good!)

  2. We could never live together because each other's teeth marks would be all over everything!

  3. lol, i was easily repulsed by the look of it the min you popped the lid!

  4. hah, ah....the point of this whole blog! repulsing the masses!! ;)

  5. oh. my. god. i use my pointer finger to spread stuff, too! well, not ALL the time, only with my food - so people shouldn't be afraid to come over for cucumber sandwiches, pb&j's, toast...

  6. you always make me smile :)

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    Cheesy Hugs!