Jun 22, 2011

Vegan Green Smoothie Roll Up

So I've been hearing that Brit Brit is back....

... well so am I!!!!!!!!!

Check out this Green Smoothie Roll Up that someone brought to Hairy's work and then Hairy brought home. I was like, "Does this have an expiration date???" And Hairy goes, "No, it's FRUIT ROLL UP."


Anyway, it was green. Very. Green. It kinda looked like if you had a ball of horse manure and then pounded it into a piece of cellophane. If you thought really hard about fruit roll up, then it kinda tasted like that, but a bit thicker and and crumblier and maybe a bit chalkier or spinachy-er. But hey. With 2 servings of spinach and 4 servings of fruit, I would eat this fo shizz.

Our roll up was from The Kombuchary.


  1. yeah that looks yucky..very yucky!

  2. yay, it's been a while since you've posted here! keep em' comin'!

  3. looks yummy to me! I've eaten many things similar, including a savoury version I've made. NOM

  4. oOOH I am curious what was in the savory version!

  5. disgusting pic. You're awful.

  6. This blog is so cool and weird. I love spinach and fruit salad!!!! But haha maybe not mashed up into a sheet of this m~y~s~t~e~r~y stuff you have (had)

    ok love u cya